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Is there anything more satisfying than making a delicious, nutritious meal with veggies you grew yourself? Probably not. But if you’ve never grown vegetables or have a track record of killing houseplants, you may feel apprehensive about cultivating your own spring garden.

Fear not! If you want to have an abundance of veggies for a delicious spring or summer salad, a barbecue side dish, or a healthy snack, planting your own veggies is easier than you think. So bust out the spade, grab some garden soil, put on your gloves, and plant these easy-to-grow veggies this spring.

1. Spinach

Since a bag at the supermarket can run you about $5, growing spinach is a no-brainer in terms of saving money — and it’s easy. Able to withstand light frosts, you can start these in late March or early April depending on where you live. Some varieties are also more heat-resistant than others, allowing you to grow them in warmer climates.

Plant in rows and pull off the bottom leaves regularly to ensure it keeps growing, and you should have spinach throughout spring and summer.

2. Peas

Peas can add some freshness to any sauteed dish or salad, but they’re highly underrated as a homegrown option. Nevertheless, they’re easy to grow even if you’re plant-challenged.

Again, plant the seeds in the ground or in a raised-bed garden. Put trellises around them and as the plants grow, you can tie them to encourage growth and diminish rot.

3. Cucumbers

In mild climates, cucumbers grow so well in spring that you should have no shortage of them once you start to see the vines. You can grow these on a trellis, or you can let them grow on the ground. Just make sure to pluck them once they’re a moderate size. If they get too big, they start to yellow a bit and lose much of their flavor.

4. Various Herbs

If you really struggle with growing anything, one of the top easy-to-grow plants is herbs. Whether you want some dill for a sauce, basil for a Caprese salad, or oregano for a tomato sauce, you have plenty of options.

While you can grow these outside, several companies have started to manufacture indoor growing gardens with seed pods. Just put the seed pods in the growing garden, fill it with water, and the pump works hydroponically to grow the plants. All you need to do is snip them when you’re ready to make a recipe.

Don’t Have a Green Thumb? Visit Your Local Produce Store

Not everyone has the patience, knowledge, or ability to grow veggies — even though the ones listed above are easier than most. But don’t fret if you want the nutrition and flavor only fresh, local produce can provide. Instead, visit your local produce store. These stores team up with us at DLJ Produce to provide flavorful, garden-fresh, and natural veggies and fruits that your whole family can enjoy. The supermarket is convenient, but if you want to taste the difference while supporting the local economy, stop by your local produce store today.