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DLJ Produce

5 Benefits of Eating Organic Produce

Maybe you’ve been to the supermarket and got excited to see your favorite fruits or veggies available for sale. You take the produce home, cook it, and for whatever reason, it’s super bland. Not even the right mix of herbs and spices can make it more palatable. But what’s the reason?

Chances are that your product wasn’t quite fresh! However, you shouldn’t stress about flavorless vegetables and fruits. By buying and eating locally grown organic produce, you get so much more than a flavorful meal. Find out why you should shop locally for your product and what some of the benefits are.

1. Fresh to Eat

When you know where your food comes from, you can feel safe eating it. DLJ Produce supplies local grocers with fresh produce 365 days a year.  We work with the finest farms to bring you the freshest and best-grown produce.

2. Better Flavor

Fresh produce has more taste and enhanced flavor compared to canned, frozen, or even fresh fruits and veggies grown a further distance away. Local produce is picked when the fruit is at its ripest, ensuring the maximum amount of flavor for snacks and dishes that you want to make.

We follow the harvest to bring you to produce at it’s freshest for the best flavor.

3. Preservation of Green Space

As more people move from the cities to the suburbs or even more rural areas, farmland transforms into housing or other businesses. As a result, much of the green spaces in these areas of the country disappear, threatening the ecosystem.

When you buy fresh produce, you make sure that these green spaces are preserved for farming or other eco-friendly uses.

4. Support the Local Economy

When you purchase food at a supermarket, you’re still supporting the regional or local economy in some cases — especially with local grocers. However, it’s still not quite the same as supporting a local farm.

When you buy from a grocer who works directly with local farms, the money stays within your community and becomes reinvested in the economy. It also helps farmers be able to support their families and employees, which can contribute even more to the economy in terms of comfort of living and living wages.

5. Indigenous Options

When you go to the supermarket, you might see tomatoes or cucumbers — but the variety is more of a generalized version. Look for our label at your local grocer for plenty of variations in fruits and vegetables.

Skip the Frozen Section Next Time

Certainly, supermarkets are an invention of convenience, and no one can argue that. But if you can plan just a little bit ahead, you can purchase fresh produce that provides several benefits to your health and community. Skip the frozen section and hop on over to the fresh produce section, you’ll be glad you did.