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DLJ Produce

Add a Touch of Fall to Your Dishes with Fresh Autumn Produce

Nature has a way of letting you know that fall is on the horizon. While you may think of cooler temperatures and leaves changing colors, you should also look to the produce aisle for a sign of changing times. With fresh autumn produce, you can add a touch of fall to your new or favorite dishes that delight the palate and provide a burst of color to your plate. Here are a few ideas to make your home menu just a little more autumn-friendly.

Autumn Soups

Nothing says autumn like a hearty, vegetable-based soup. Rich and creamy, or even broth-based, it’s the ultimate comfort food after a long day. Squash, pumpkin, and even carrots are all great when pureed and thrown in with some spices and cream, and the best news is that they’re all in season!

Get Your Roast On

If you’re souped-out or you just want to add a touch of color and flavor to your next meal, roasted vegetables should always be on the menu. They’re easy to prepare and can be roasted by themselves or added to the top of pork or chicken. Just dice up your favorite seasonal autumn produce — such as brussel sprouts, parsnips, turnips, radishes, or squash — add salt, pepper, and your favorite seasonings, and you’re ready for a burst of flavor.

Eat a Little Healthier

If you’re trying to get a bit healthier or improve your diet going into the holiday season, autumn fruits and vegetables can help by offering a simple substitution to popular recipes.

Sub spaghetti squash for pasta, swap out the sweet potato for regular potato, or add cranberries to your salad for some extra vitamins. Or if you want to add some creativity to the mix, try using a cauliflower-based crust and fresh veggies for toppings on your next make-your-own pizza night. The choice is yours.

Cut the Refined Sugars

Going a bit beyond in terms of healthier eating, you can always cut out the refined sugars found in many processed sweets and desserts. One way to do this is by buying fresh autumn fruits and using a bit of creativity.

For example, roasting apples with a bit of cinnamon on top gives you plenty of sweetness while also adding the vitamins your body needs — or you can do the same with fresh pears. You can also make pumpkin bread with minimal sugar added and heat it up for a tasty dessert or invigorating breakfast.

Freeze a few grapes for a delicious healthy alternative to ice cream.  Look for our Razzle Dazzle grapes for a crunchy sweet flavor you’ll surely enjoy.

The Fresh Produce Improvement

While the supermarket is full of fruits and vegetables from around the globe, you just don’t get the same flavor as you would from locally grown produce.

Veggies and fruits picked from your area often have a more pronounced taste and color that can add some pizzazz and delight to your next meal. Plus, you’re supporting the local growers and businesses that bring it to you. This autumn, make a vested effort to buy local produce, and you’ll wonder why you ever shopped at the supermarket in the first place.

Look for the DLJ Produce label at your local grocer, we’d love to hear from the public, let us know what you think as we continue to supply our fresh produce nationwide.