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All About the Seedless Grapes Varieties

All grapes are the same right? Wrong. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, over 10,000 grape varieties are grown around the world. However, only a few dozen are seedless. Due to a natural or scientific process of cross-breeding grape varieties, growers can now cultivate a grape with sweet, delicious flavor all without the hindrance of spitting out the seed.

If you love a good seedless grape, however, there’s more to it than meets the eye. If you’ve ever wondered about the best types of seedless grapes, how they’re grown, and the different varieties, here’s a quick, easy guide all about these tasty little morsels.

How Are Seedless Grapes Grown?

Contrary to popular belief, the first known seedless grapes came as a result of a natural mutation and growers grew wise to the situation. Rather than growing through seeds, seedless grapes develop through the process of propagation. Propagation is a process whereby a plant grows from a cutting of the original plant. While the science may be complex, the process is surprisingly simple.

What Area Has the Best Seedless Grapes?

While Italy and France grow more grapes than any other country in the world, most of their grapes go to the production of their most famous export: wine. Since most wine grapes have seeds, you won’t find many varieties from this part of the world.

Instead, most Americans get their grapes from California. Last year, the Golden State produced 5.6 million tons of grapes. That’s 17 times more than the second-leading producer of Washington!

The reason that grapes grow so well in California comes from a variety of factors. A nutrient-rich soil is naturally efficient at growing grapes, while a hotter, drier summer than other climates allow seedless grapes to grow larger and riper, making them naturally sweeter than grapes you might find from another geographic area.

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What Are the Tastiest Varieties of Seedless Grapes?

When you pare it down, seedless grapes are just red or green to most people. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that some varieties delight your taste buds more than others. Here are a few of the most popular.


Large and plump, Thompson seedless grapes are the ubiquitous green variety you can find year-round at the grocery store. While good in some recipes, these are best enjoyed snacking on them without any other flavors.


If you want to switch up the color or you just want something a bit sweeter, go for flame seedless grapes. Named for their color, these red grapes can brighten up recipes or just indulge your sweet tooth without giving into the temptation of snacks high in sugar or calories.


Another sweet option that’s perfect for adding to yogurt or cereal, concord seedless grapes are the black variety. While crunchier on the outside, the flesh is almost gelatinous, giving it great contrast to pair with its exquisitely sweet flavor.

How to Choose Seedless Grapes

To choose the best seedless grapes, you only need to look for these three traits: plumpness, firmness, and firmly attached to the stem. When combined, these characteristics ensure that the grapes are ripe, sweet, and ready for consumption.

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