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Answers to Common Questions About Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

It happens to everyone. You bite into a piece of fruit or a vegetable and your mouth goes one of two ways. Either you’re blown away by the taste or you’re left with regret. Regardless of which way it goes, your mind inevitably wanders to one aspect: is this fruit or vegetable in season?

Depending on where you live, not every piece of produce can constantly be in season. Some are imported from other parts of the world, while others are grown inside. But the best stuff is always in-season produce that’s grown locally. If you’ve had questions about seasonal fruits and vegetables in pursuit of deliciousness, here are some answers to quell your concerns.

How do you keep fruit fresh in the summer?

Chowing down on fresh fruit is a great way to stay hydrated and get the vitamins and nutrients you need. Yet keeping fruit fresh, especially during the summer, is a whole other ordeal. Excessive heat and humidity can cause this food to welt or go bad earlier than in other times of the year.

To keep your fruit fresh during the summer, employ these simple tips:

  • Refrigerate berries and stone fruits
  • Keep it away from moisture and humidity
  • Find fruit and veggies that are blemish-free, meaning they’ll keep for longer
  • Wash fruit in a mild vinegar/water mix to help maintain freshness

What is the best fruit in the summer?

The debate rages on about what the best fruit in the summer is. To some degree, it’s all about your preferences and tastes, but no one can deny that grapes, nectarines, and cherries all taste a little bit better during the dog days of summer.


Grapes are at their tastiest during the summer, and they also have many great health benefits. Regardless of the type, you’ll find that these morsels are sweeter during the summer, and they also offer a ton of nutrients such as antioxidants and potassium.

Look for the crunchy sweet grapes Razzle red and Dazzle Green at your local grocer. 


Nectarines might just be the unheralded hero of the summer fruits, having less popularity than its sibling stone fruits such as the peach. Even so, nectarines are amazingly delicious during the summer at the height of their growing season. They also provide essential nutrients such as niacin, potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin C.


Eating cherries in the summer not only provides a burst of flavor, but it also gives you a ton of vitamin C, potassium, copper, and more. It’s also a healthy part of a low-fat alternative to other delicious summer treats, such as high-sugar snow cones or high-calorie ice cream.

How can I keep my produce fresh longer?

Perhaps the most effective way of keeping your produce fresher for longer is keeping it in a sealed container. Whether you use a plastic bag or Tupperware, using these containers prevents your produce from dehydrating or being exposed to ethylene gas, two of the things that make fruit or veggies rot faster.

Get Your Seasonal Fruit Today

Putting an emphasis on fresh, seasonal fruit can result in more flavor and health benefits you wouldn’t find with imported or out-of-season fruit. So, head to your local grocer, look for the DLJ Produce label for the finest freshest produce on the market and load up. Your summer, fall, spring, or winter has never tasted so good.