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Apricots are one of our favorite seasonal stone fruits at DLJ! We harvest these prized little golden gems around the globe, with our growers focusing on the most premium varieties. Seasonality is key, fueling great consumer demand when in season. Our harvest region stretches from fields in Central California, Washington and Chile.

The cultivars’ history predates ancient time, with the name Prunus Armenicaca (Armenian plum) tracing back its fabled roots tracing to the country and nearby parts of Asia. The variety is prized for its sweetness and used in many European / Asian cultures for eating fresh, dried and used in regional cuisine.

Our Varieties

  • Poppy
  • Kylese
  • Apache
  • Earli Cot
  • Robata
  • Coral
  • Lorna
  • Tri Gem
  • Gold Bar
  • Patterson
  • Brittany Gold

Handling and Care

Optimum storage temperature for apricots is 32 to 34 degrees F, 60 to 70 F to ripen apricots at room temperature.

Apricots produce ethylene and should be kept at 90 – 95 % humidity.


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