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Our citrus program encompasses the globe, bringing the highest level of premium citrus to your table.  Our focus is on conventional, organic and specialty citrus.  We put our direct relationships with California growers, and exclusive imports from South America and Mexico, to build a year round program to meet your needs.

With a stead supply of premium fresh citrus, you can focus on driving sales and increasing demand of both Navels and easy peeler Clementines. Our humble beginnings and experiences inside retail, food industry, farming, and wholesale, brings us the knowledge needed to be a leader in the citrus category.

Citrus Varieties

  • Navel orange

      • Beck
      • Fukimoto
      • Washington
  • Clementines

      • Clemenul
      • Satsuma / Owari
      • Oro Grande
      • W. Murcott
      • Tango
  • Valencia orange

  • Minneloas

  • Cara Cara orange

  • Blood Orange

  • Lemons

  • Grapefruit

Care and Handling of Citrus

Optimum storage temperate is 45 – 48 degrees on California / Florida grower, and 36 – 38 degrees on South American citrus. With 90 – 95% humidity.

Shelf life is 4 weeks or better at optimal storage temperatures.

Susceptible to freezing injury if kept below freezing for a sustained amount of time.

Ethylene producer, store and distribute accordingly.

Color and appearance can be great to display and draw attention to the produce section.

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