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DLJ Produce


Red Seedless

Growers are in the process of harvesting the last red seedless of the season, working through the last varieties of the season in the Scarlet Royal and Allison. The main volume has passed, with good retail movement as of late. FOB’s have remained aggressive, mainly on smaller fruit that needs to move. XL fruit will continue to demand a premium over smaller lots. Quality has remained strong and Allison looks to have officially replaced the Crimson variety on the back end of the season. FOB prices will slowly start to move higher, with growers predicting lighter supplies than expected in December, helping to firm FOB’s as the crop finishes.

Green Seedless

The green seedless market is coming to high priced, fast finish this season. The Autumn King crop showed significant mildew scarring in the field due to May rains, and this has impacted the pack-outs and volume from the field. Field crews are having to do a lot of cleaning to pack a decent box. This has to lead to lighter volume as the crop finishes harvest in the field. Decreased inventories have helped spur the push to increase FOB’s. As the crop comes to a finish, avoid green seedless promotions in late November and December. Peruvian fruit will begin to arrive on the East and fill an anticipated shortfall from California.

Black Seedless

The black seedless market is similar to the green market, with a general lack of volume in the field and quality becoming a concern. Autumn Royal harvest will finish this week, but not in the volume seen in years past due to the light set. Quality is average and will keep remaining supplies limited. Expect fruit to get into late November and then come to a quick finale.

Red Globe

The red globe crop has finished harvest for the season, now working off of inventory. Supplies are light and quality is average, with some slight give keeping it out of the export markets. Due to decreased volume in production in the U.S., less fruit will remain for the late-season shipments. East Coast retailers have already begun to switch into imported Peruvian globes for quality. Expect a late November finish on globes.



The import clementine market has finished for the season, just in time for the domestic harvest to begin. California growers will continue to look to push Satsuma mandarins at an aggressive FOB to help stir movement, as the first clementines of the season begin harvest. Color is light at the onset due to a late start, but good volume will be starting production by the end of November. Promote clems from December through April this season, with good crop quality expected.

Navel Orange

The last of the import navel crop has finished for the season, with California in its third week of harvest. The late start from California also spelled for greener color and smaller sizes at the start. Gassing is averaging 72+ hours on early navels to get the color to turn. Size will continue to peak on 88’s and smaller, with very limited amounts of larger fruit at the start. Harvest volume will pick up as more growers being harvesting in late November, gas time decreases and size starts peaking out larger.