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Market Report 11 april to 17 april

Table Grapes

Red Seedless

The red seedless crop is still rolling, even expected to continue to arrive post-marketing order that institutes this week. All new arrivals will have to grade US # 1 to be shippable within the US. The quality of the fruit remains strong, but due to good volume, the FOB’s remain aggressive to push the red grape movement at retail. Crimson, Allison, Sweet Celebration, and Timco will be the largest varietal arrivals moving forward. Continue to promote all of April. Importers are hoping to stretch the late-season arrivals into the 2nd to 3rd week of May due to Mexico’s late anticipated start of volume harvest. Expect FOB’s to slowly firm moving into May as arrivals dwindle.

Green Seedless

The green seedless crop is on the tail end. The conventional green seedless crop will end this week and next, finishing for the season. This will move importers into the late season storage green grape crop, consisting mainly of Thompson and Autumn Crisp. FOB pricing will jump really quickly over the next 2 weeks, with the storage crop only expected to last into late April or the first week of May. This should be close enough to bridge the gap in growing regions, but it all depends upon Mexico’s true start of harvest. Keep FOB’s high and avoid ads, as the remaining green crop will be almost double in cost of the red seedless.

Black Seedless

The black grapes will continue on steadily as we reach the marketing order, but the volume will finish quickly afterward due to the lack of new arrivals. FOB pricing will remain aggressive and allow for continued movement, with Midnight Beauty, Melody, and Autumn Royal making up the variety mix. Expect blacks to carry through most of April and finish in early May, before Mexico starts their crop during the 2nd to 3rd week of May.

Red Globe

Red globe inventories have tightened back up again. Due to Peru finishing, the Chilean arrivals have been minimal as growers focus on harvesting seedless varieties at the marketing order. Expect light supplies on both coasts, but not enough volume to meet demand and this will keep FOB’s high and supplies minimal. Mexico doesn’t begin harvest until June, so keep Red Globe offerings at arm’s length for the remainder of the imported crop.

Tree Fruit – Imports


Import peaches are done for the season. Last week saw the last arrivals and movement has kept up with inbounds, so it is time to call it a finish. California is right around the corner. Both Arvin and Kettleman City are expected to start their first early harvests of yellow and white peach around April 20th – 22nd. Supplies will be light and the size will be small, but it will be a good kick-off for the season. Expect FOB’s to remain very high at the start due to demand, labor cost increase, and material increase. Central Valley will bring peach volume around May 16th.


Very similar to the peach crop. Done for the season on imports for any shippable volume. California is close to starting harvest with early blocks breaking color and maturity. The size will be small to start and then slowly pick up moving into May. CA starting around April 22nd on yellow, with white not beginning until the end of April. Plan on promotable volume starting by mid-May on 64 sizes, as well as some 56’s.

Plums / Pluots

The black plum market will be focused on the Angelino variety this coming week, with red plums focusing on Larry Ann and Flavor fall. Plum arrivals will continue over the next 2 – 3 weeks and are expected to stretch supplies into early May. Expect FOB pricing to remain strong, as 40’s and larger have demanded good movement. 50’s and smaller will be the bulk of arrivals and availability moving forward. The crop will finish in early May, then we will likely see a gap until California starts plums at the end of May.

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