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DLJ Produce

DLJ Market Update 4/12 – 4/18

Table Grapes

Red Seedless

Keep pushing on red seedless. The marketing order will take effect and slow down arrivals, but there will still be some post-marketing order fruit arriving. Promotable volume for the next 2 – 3 weeks, then expects supplies to dry up quick as Mexico is late and Chilean fruit will need to stretch into mid-May. Rains have taken their toll and we are currently seeing a split market, based on quality. FOB’s will remain stable on good solid fruit that will make it through the retail system, but there will also be unmarketable fruit that will need to find a home. Stay on the firmer side of pricing to guarantee good arrivals through the finish of the season. Keep pushing.

Green Seedless

The green grape deal will finish quickly, as the rain damage has left only limited amounts of fruit arriving at the marketing order. The lack of supplies will keep FOB’s increasingly high until the well dries up. Expect another 7 days of supplies, at best, then a quick finish. This will leave a sizable gap between Chile’s finish and the start of any true volume out of Mexico. FOB’s will continue to peak until the crop finishes. We expect the pipeline to be empty for at least 2 – 3 weeks and then hopefully Mexico will begin to start filling the hole.

Black Seedless

Like the green seedless, the black grape crop failed poorly against the rains. Some limited arrivals will remain on inventory this week but will finish out fast as demand will wipe out the small amount in the system. FOB’s will quickly start to firm for the early finish. Expect a large gap here, as Mexico won’t begin its first harvest of early black seedless until mid-May.

Red Globe

Peruvian globes are virtually done and the transition has fully begun into Chilean fruit. Chilean supplies will carry for the next 3 – 4 weeks, but weather-related smaller crop volume will slowly start to strengthen the FOB’s. Carry red globe, as that and red seedless will be the last hold outs for the Chilean import season to try to capture sales into late April / early May.

Tree Fruit South America

Peaches/ Nectarines

Done for the season. Waiting for California to start in late April.


The last of the plum arrivals for the season are hitting this week and will stretch for another two weeks, but come to an early finish. Black plum will be the main focus with Angelino variety, while red plums will be available in more limited supply. Last opportunity to take advantage of the import plum crop before we see the early finish and wait for Central CA in mid-May.

Tree Fruit Central CA


Weather has been perfect in Central CA for tree fruit the last few weeks, with no rain or hail storms in sight. That is projected to continue. With record chill hours this season, the peach, nectarine and apricot crops look to have very strong fruit sets. Plums see some light crop volume, especially on late varieties, but still should see ample promotable opportunities through the season. Growers are hoping for some slight increases in high temps, as the Central Valley has been mild so far in April. Once temperatures began to increase, we will see a jump in maturity on the first varieties of the season out of Bakersfield and Kettleman City. Early projections are for between a 4/20 – 4/26 start on yellow peach, yellow nectarine, and apricots.

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