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DLJ PRODUCE feb 2021

Table Grapes

Red Seedless

Arrival volume to the US on red seedless has been moderate, as of late, with arrivals of Flames and Ralli from Chile and Sweet Celebration and Jack Salute. The Peruvian crop is winding down, with only another 3 – 4 weeks left of harvest. The recent catastrophic rains in Chile will greatly affect the market and FOB pricing going into March. Expect another couple of weeks of moderate red grape supply, but then the pricing will go through the roof as arrival volume to the U.S. is expected to be half its typical arrival volume…

Green Seedless

Green seedless should be the focus on ad promotions over the next 2 – 3 weeks. Good arrivals of Peruvian fruit, as well as Thompson and Sugraone from Chile, will bring enough supplies to both coasts to allow for promotable volume. This will be a 2 week time period of the promotion before the adverse effects of the Chilean rains kick in. Once March arrives, green grape arrivals will become almost non-existent due to complete losses in Chile. Avoid promotions of green grapes from March through the end of the import season, as availability and FOB’s will be unpredictable. Promote now while the opportunity is there.

Black Seedless

Black grape arrivals look to remain light, with fruit arriving from both Peru and Chile. Peruvian will see the largest arrival volume over the next couple of weeks. FOB pricing will slowly adjust down to get closer in line with the red and green seedless markets. Expect availability to firm up drastically going into March, again due to crop loss in Chile due to rains. This will greatly affect the back end of the crop.

Red Globe

Good demand on red globes has kept the arrivals clean, especially since arrival volume is always lighter than the seedless varieties. Supplies should remain at least through mid-March as Peru will remain the biggest country of origin and has avoided the rains seen in Chile. The Chilean crop in April is untold, as the fruit SHOULD be green enough to withstand some of the rain damage.

Tree Fruit


Winding down quickly for the season. Chilean vessel volume is done and importers will look to clean up scraps over the next few days just to clean up coolers. It is time to pull the plug on Chile. Argentina is expected to continue flying some small air shots in, but expect that to be price prohibitive due to air freight costs. It is time to wind things down.


Continue to be careful on yellow peach. Arrival volumes have been light and are expected to remain that way, enough to keep day to day movement covered but not enough volume to cover large ad pulls. It is expected to stay this way as typical big volume doesn’t arrive until mid-February to March. That is now a non-issue, as the recent rain damage is expected to wipe out almost the entire remaining crop on the tree. Only very isolated supplies will arrive in March and April, not in enough volume to fill the pipeline.


Moderate supplies of yellow and white nectarine have arrived on both coasts and look to stay in decent volume for the next 14 days into mid to late February. Volume has picked up to a point to allow for some promotional activity. This will bring some welcome relief to an extremely lacking category so far this season. The victory will be short-lived, though, as the rainstorms had a serious effect on the remainder of the crop in Chile. There will be light supplies through the end of the crop, but promoting would be ill-advised.


The plum crop harvest was just starting to gain steam in Chile before the rainstorms. Arrivals of early red (Sapphire) and black (Owen T / Black Amber) have arrived on both coasts. Early reports are that the varieties on the tree did not take the rain well, with splitting and internal damage already being seen. Expect light to moderate supplies arriving through the end of February, but March and April will likely see a drastic decrease in crop volume and affect availability.



Citrus Fruits Supplier Nationwide

It’s a wet one. Rain market all last week will test the fortitude of the fruit. Expect to see some quality issues like puff and clear rot arise going forward that may affect the tail end volume of the crop.

Navel Orange

Same thing. Rain all last week has kept growers out of the field for 4 – 5 days or more. This will tighten up both availability, as well as FOB pricing. Hold back on promotions until the weather dries up and crews are able to resume harvest at some point during the week.

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