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Table Grapes

Red Seedless

With the import season underway, arrival volume to the West Coast has been an issue due to port delays. Peruvian containers can’t get unloaded and Chilean fruit is arriving in light numbers since they are just starting harvest. Timco and Sweet Celeb mostly from Peru. Flames and Ralli mostly from Chile. Even though supplies are available, premium variety red seedless will remain a hot ticket as the pier keeps supply low with high demand. Continue to move, but plan on mid-February for the first real big promotable volume on red.

Green Seedless

With reds coming in a little light over the next 10 – 14 days, green grapes have picked up the slack. Good arrival volume of greens is expected to continue on the Chilean boat arrivals, followed up by delayed Peruvian fruit that will continue to bolster numbers. A mix of varieties will include Sugraone, Thompson, Sweet Globe, and Timpson. Starting this week, retailers should focus on green promotions before reds, until we get over the arrival volume imbalance.

Black Seedless

A very limited amount of imported black seedless will arrive on the West Coast, but enough to get some early supply into the pipeline. Demand greatly exceeds supply, so any black seedless is demanding a premium. Expect supplies to hobble along with mid-February once Chile begins arriving and takes the pressure off delayed Peruvian containers.

Red Globe

Demand stays strong on the red globe and the limited supplies of Peruvian fruit being offloaded have kept inventories very minimal. Expect demand and FOB’s to remain stable, as port delays we are a thorn in the side for availability. Things should level off by early/mid-February once more container arrivals start to hit.

Tree Fruit


we are reaching the end of the 2020/2021 import cherry crop fast. Only limited supplies of vessel fruit are expected to arrive on the next couple of boats as growers had mostly finished harvest at the time of loading. The only light to limited supplies will carry for the next 10 – 14 days but are expected to wipe out quickly. Once vessel fruit is done, some continued supplies of air flight fruit from Argentina are expected, but at much higher money due to the freight cost on air flights during COVID.


Stay away! Yellow peach arrivals on the West Coast are non-existent over the next two arrivals through the end of next week. Only a limited amount is on each vessel and demand will wipe it out fast. Not nearly enough to sustain any retail ad promotion. Expect to see day to day supplies, but any promotional activity should be avoided at least until mid-February once the Chilean crop becomes more consistent.


Yellow nectarine volume has been insanely tight on both coasts, due to lack of arrivals. But the tide is starting to turn. The next couple vessel is heaviest to yellow nectarine, with some white nectarine availability. FOB’s will stay relatively consistent and not adjust drastically due to good retail planned programs. The West Coast vessel is expected to arrive between 1/30 – 2/1 and provide some relief to the empty pipeline.


Plum arrivals remain light in volume, with Black Amber, Owen T, and Sapphire making up the most prevalent varieties. Harvest has just begun to pick up in Chile. The vessel due on 2/1 will have limited supplies of red, but we will see the first arrivals of Owen T and Black Amber variety to start the black plum crop off on the West. Typically, January and early February only see small amounts of plum arrivals until harvest picks up steam. Mid-February through early April is when to promote during the peak harvest periods.



Citrus Fruits Supplier Nationwide

It’s a wet one. Rain market all last week will test the fortitude of the fruit. Expect to see some quality issues like puff and clear rot arise going forward that may affect the tail end volume of the crop.

Navel Orange

Same thing. Rain all last week has kept growers out of the field for 4 – 5 days or more. This will tighten up both availability, as well as FOB pricing. Hold back on promotions until the weather dries up and crews are able to resume harvest at some point during the week.

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