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DLJ Produce

DLJ Market Update Jan 23 to Jan 29

Table Grapes

Red Seedless

Red seedless volume is building as we approach February. The West Coast will see a vessel gap until February 2nd arrival, with light inventory bridging the gap to sustain current FOBs. Once we move into the mid-February volume is expected to build and allow for good promotional opportunities for the remainder of the season. Flames are a majority of the fruit arriving from Chile, but luckily, we are currently receiving better quality varieties like Ralli red, Jack Salute, and Allison. Continue to build momentum on red seedless until the volume hits in February and we are off to the races.

Green Seedless

Green seedless look to remain limited, especially on the West Coast, for the next 10 days due to the next vessel delayed in arrival. Some availability will be present, but light and not expected to greatly weaken FOB pricing due to high demand. Be cautious on promoting green seedless until we get into mid-February and volume from Chile increases. Sugraone, Ivory, Prime, and Sweet Globe will make up a majority of the varieties arriving.

Black Seedless

Only a limited amount of black seedless have started to arrive from Chile and Peru. Peru is mostly Midnight Beauty and Sweet Favor at the start. Chile is mostly Midnight Beauty on the first arrivals. Expect supplies to remain light for the time being, then pick up moving into February once better volume varieties mature into the harvest stage. Availability is limited, and FOB pricing remains firm.

Red Globe

Red globes from Peru have finally started to arrive… but mostly to the East Coast. With the Peruvian strikes, supplies were extremely short. Now they are building on the East. The West is starting to catch up on availability. Some movement from East to West will happen and allow the market to slightly adjust. Good time to start carrying Red Globe.

Tree Fruit – Imports


Cherry volume has arrived to both coasts… but good ad demand has helped to keep moving through inventory. Mostly Bing variety as we hit the peak of Chilean arrivals. Due to growing conditions, it looks like this season will be very short for vessel fruit. Volume is expected to peak this week, then start tailing off. The volume will be finished by the second week of February, with FOB pricing firming very quickly on anything remaining in February. Promote for the next 7 – 10 days, then scale back.


Limited, limited, limited. The next vessel arrived on January 20th and is already sold out. This will create a big gap on yellow peach until the next vessel hits February 2nd. Expect a demand exceeds situation between boats with no availability. White peach has not started in volume.


Slightly better arrival then yellow peach, but still extremely limited. Only a small amount of yellow nectarine will carry through this week and then gap out very quickly. Avoid ad promotion due to the vessel gap. Chile is hoping that volume can build towards mid-February once traditional variety volume builds. White nectarine will be available in light volume, as well, moving forward.


limited at the start. Very small arrivals have started on both Black Splendor and Sapphire red plums. Expected to stay limited until better varieties start harvest and volume builds. Use as a color break on day-to-day availability until volume increases.

Import Citrus

Oranges/ Clementines/ Lemons

Weather in Central CA has finally cleaned up, with no rains in the weather projection allowing water-filled fields to slowly dry out. The next issue is freezing temps right around 32 – 34 degrees most days. Growers cannot catch a break this citrus season. Still, expect growers to start hitting better field harvest and being able to start meeting demand again. The race will be to get movement resumed and build up bin backs to allow for additional runs in case wet weather or freezes persist and limit field packing again.

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