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DLJ Produce

DLJ Market Report 26 July to 1 Aug

Table Grapes

Red Seedless

The red seedless crop from Central CA has progressed past most of the Flame Seedless crop for the season, creating an anticipated small variety gap. Also, some heat-damaged limited harvest on some small blocks of Flames. Supplies will be lighter then desired over the next 7 – 10 days, keeping FOB’s firm and high, but this looks to adjust once we get into the next varieties. The volume will arrive again once Krissy, Magenta, and Scarlet Royal begin harvest. Krissy looks to be another week away but is anticipated to help level out the supply–demand equilibrium. Keep pricing stable on reds until the next varieties harvest.

Green Seedless

Green seedless volume from Central CA is hitting a good like, with both Sugraone and Ivory variety continuing to harvest, with Valley Pearl right behind it. Supplies are good and expected to carry that way for the next 2 – 3 weeks. Harvest crews have some work to do in the field to trim out heat damage, but overall quality is strong.

Black Seedless

Summer Royal will continue to harvest over the next 7 – 10 days, with supplies currently coming in in a light way. Overall crop volume will be off due to the July heat waves. But availability will remain in the industry, hopefully stretching to the start of the Autumn Royal crop. Expect FOB’s to remain stable.

Red Globe

Mexico has finished on red globes, as the end of the crop was lackluster. Demand is strong for domestic fruit, but harvest is still a little way off. First globes typically start harvest 1st – 2nd week of August depending upon the season. Growers are still advising of low sugar maturity, so we anticipate a start around August 2nd to kick off the domestic crop. Expect FOB pricing to remain strong due to demand.

Tree Fruit Central CA


Good supplies of yellow peach continue, but not in the excessive volume anticipated during this time period. Growers have been able to remain relatively current, even with the East Coast crop commanding most retail volume on the East. Zee Lady will finish out and wait for the arrival of August varieties. Continue to push for business on tray pack, as size has increased and volume fill will remain lighter in pack out. Summer Sweet white peach will throw good numbers for another week, then come into a slight variety gap.


A glut of yellow nectarine has hit a glut of fruit, that was not expected in this amount of volume. Royale varieties, as well as other Fire varieties saw significantly increased production compared to the previous couple years. 44/48 ct trays and 56 size volume fill will see the peak of the volume. Now is the best time to run hot promotions and capitalize on the increased production, before we move into August and see the typical lighter production by the middle of the month. White Nectarine will continue on good numbers with Majestic variety.

Plums / Pluots

We will see the Fortune red plum crop wind down as we wait for a variety switch. Owen T is still bringing volume on black plums. Supplies will remain stable, but heavier towards black for the next few weeks. FOB pricing has stayed strong considering years past. Expect the plum crop to continue to see some cull loss due to heat damaged areas of the field, that will slightly decrease pack out volume. Pluots will continue on with a mixed bag of varieties, mainly in tray pack due to decreased crop volume.


Clem arrival will continue to both coasts. The East will see a mix, including Uruguay, but the West will be primarily Peru and Chile. Size will peak of 3’s, 4’s and 5’s. Quality has been a concern at the onset for Chile, but should correct itself as growers move out of Clemenules into strong fruit, with Murcott mandarin crop expected to be strong. Supplies are good on vessel arrival dates, but expect some small delays between boats. FOB’s are already at a marketable level to push through volume movement.


Be careful, especially on the West. The West Coast is only currently seeing arrivals from Chile. Size is peaking on 88’s and 113’s, with some 72’s. But all sizes are very limited due to a combination of both demand and extremely light arrival volume at the start of the crop. Crop volume from Chile is already off 27% and expected to go higher. Pier delays will also contribute to unreliable supplies. 56’s and larger are non-existent, due to both lack of arrivals and heavy demand. Navel promotions will not be sustainable until the middle to end of August.


The lemon market remains stable, mainly due to light volume arriving from Chile and not in heavy volume. Still supplies will continue to meet demand. FOB pricing has remained relatively stable compared to previous seasons and has remained strong. Expect harvest in Chile to continue along steadily and focus most arrivals to the East, while keep the West in supply but not flooded. Crop volume will continue harvest for the next 6 – 8 weeks.

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