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DLJ Produce

Market Report June 19 to June 25

Table Grapes

Red Seedless

The red grape market has finally opened up for the next few weeks. After two months of struggle, Mexico finally began picking Flame seedless in volume. Supplies of Flame are expected to carry for another 7 – 10 days. The later part of the Mexico crop will be made up of Sweet Celebration and Jack Salute on a premium variety on the back end. Growers are hoping to continue to harvest through the first or second week of July, but dependent upon weather conditions. If Mexico comes up short on the back end of the harvest, we may see another gap on red seedless before the start of Central CA around July 17th.

Green Seedless

Green seedless has continued to be a struggle in both Mexico and Central CA. Early Sweet variety made their way through the pipeline at very high FOB’s due to the import gap. Mexico still has a small volume to harvest, but mostly cleaned up for the season. Cooler weather trends during growing have kept sugar levels low and slowed down the start of harvest on the Sugraone variety. Growers have started Sugs in a light way and are slowly gaining momentum, hoping to increase this week. Sweet Globe will follow closely behind. Hopefully, maturity picks up quickly and allows for a few weeks of good supplies before harvest finishes for the season.

Black Seedless

The black seedless crop still is light in supplies, as growers cross early Summer Royal variety in Mexico. Lighter supplies have kept FOB’s at record levels. This looks to continue, but expected availability this week for mixer movement.

Red Globe

Red globes are close, but not close enough. First harvests in Mexico will be between June 26th and June 29th, with first volume not until July.

Tree Fruit – Imports


This is the last week for CA cherry harvest. But good volume on Bing variety here at the finish have allowed growers to carry inventory into this week. Most anticipate another 5 – 7 days of harvest. This will allow CA fruit to carry up to the start of Washington. FOB’s will remain the most aggressive of the season pushing to clean up before the industry focuses on WA fruit.


Yellow peach remains in heavy demand due to the East Coast crop issues. Harvest has gained momentum in Central CA, but the pipeline keeps sucking up harvest volume. This is keeping FOB pricing at a record level and is expected to stay that way all season. Be cautious on yellow peach promotion as it will require good planning. White peach volume will continue to gain, in slightly less demand than yellow.


We are finally moving into early June historical varieties of yellow and white nectarine, increasing volume and allowing for better supplies to hit the pipeline. Quality will remain strong, as we have started moving out of varieties that saw hail damage in March. Zee Fire and Red Roy will make up the yellows, while Polar Ice will be a majority of the white nectarine.


Plum harvest has finally kicked off, light to start but growing on harvest volume. The 2023 crop looks to be a good set, especially on later varieties that have been typically shot on previous seasons. Crimson Punch on the red, Black Splendor on the black. Promotional volume starting in late June / early July.


Nearing the tail end of apricot crop volume. Roboda and Lorna’s varieties are finished on very very large-size trays. Patterson variety will take up the majority of the back end of the crop. Expect another 7 – 10 days before supplies start finishing up. Some proprietary varieties will stretch the length of the season, but typical apricot varieties will end soon.

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