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DLJ Produce

dlj produce market report 21 june 2021 (1)

Table Grapes

Red Seedless

Red grape volume has turned the corner and is flipping quickly in both Mexico and Coachella. Heat has taken its tool and crop volume is significantly off from initial projections, only a fraction of what should be harvesting in both locations daily. This is spelling for a disaster at the end of the season, as FOB pricing is at record highs and inventories are exceedingly low. Premium varieties will demand a high FOB for good fruit. Flames will continue in a light way and allow for some lower promotional pricing. But in general, be careful on red seedless until CA starts in early July.

Green Seedless

Same thing on green seedless. Crop volume is harvest really low. Sugraones are starting in Caborca Mexico, but volume is light. Premium varieties like Sweet globe and Timpson are demanding a high premium, and getting it from large retailers. The green crop may stretch slightly longer than the red, but still, come up way short on projections. Expect the market to remain firm and keep cheap promotional pricing off the table. CA greens will start around July 5th and hopefully, bring some welcome relief to what looks to be a tight market.

Black Seedless

Black grape availability has flipped instantly, with no fruit crossing the border. Demand exceeds supply and it looks to remain that way for the time being and possibly through the end of both Mexico and Coachella. Avoid black seedless, as availability will dwindle and be non-existent.

Red Globe

First picks have just started on some early crossings. Supply this year will be light, due to the variety losing favor. Expect light supplies now through mid-July.

Tree Fruit Central CA

Peaches/ Nectarines/ Apricots

Yellow peach will continue on strong with the Flame varieties hitting their stride. Same thing on white peach, but in lighter volume. Continue to promote both peaches. Nectarines, on both white and yellow, will remain lighter in harvest volume, but slowly picking up. Size is still continuing to peak on 56’s and 48’s, with a lack of really big fruit hitting from the field. We are nearing the end of the apricot crop, with only a few varieties like Patterson left to go. Plum harvest is really just starting to get underway, with reds and blacks beginning with Flavor Queen and a few better varieties like Owen T right around the corner..


CA is in the last week of its harvest, with inventory remaining. The movement has stopped due to almost all retailers transitioning into Washington. Deals are about on all sizes, trying to clean up final harvests and wrap up the season. Stay with CA for deals, as quality is suffice.

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