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DLJ Produce

Market Report June 19 to June 25

Table Grapes

Red Seedless

The red seedless market from Mexico will see a split market between small, weak-quality Flames and better-quality fruit. Flame harvest will quickly finish out over the next week, with the transition into premium varieties like Sweet Celebration, Passion Fire, and Jack Salute underway. Once poor-quality fruit is out of the way, expect growing tides to raise all ships and increase FOB’s at the finish. Central CA is delayed to around July 12th start, so the goal is for Mexico to make it to the transition start. Continue to promote.

Green Seedless

Green seedless volume has slowly increased over the last week in Mexico, with Early Sweet finishing, but Sweet Globe and Sugraone starting to pick in better harvest volume. Timpson will follow behind and volume crossing the border may supersede the red seedless crossings. Coachella continues to struggle with sugar content on the Sugraone variety, so Mexico will remain the focus for best quality and volume. Continue to promote for the next 10 – 14 days with the hope that Mexico will get close enough to the Central CA harvest start.

Black Seedless

The crop from Mexico has slowly picked up in volume, with better supplies of Summer Royal crossing. Still relatively light in Mexico compared to red and green seedless coming across. FOB’s will remain stable with enough demand to keep supplies moving.

Red Globe

Red globe will start limited harvest by the end of this week, with fruit starting to cross the week of July 3rd. Historically late start for Mexico, but should allow availability most of July loading out of Nogales

Tree Fruit – Imports


Last week of remaining inventory on CA fruit, with harvest pretty much completed. The wave of fruit has come and passed. Now is the time to transition to Washington for the quality and volume.


Avoid yellow peach promotions for the next 2 – 3 weeks, as historically high demand is being seen, with enough harvest just barely clearing to make daily shipments. No excess inventory is building or on the horizon that will alleviate the demand pressures. The southern peach crop failure is putting significant strain on CA fruit. Expect it to stay this way all season. Whites will continue with slightly more promotable supplies. Keep FOB’s high to stay out of trouble on getting covered.


July varieties of both yellow nectarine and Pearl varieties of white nectarine will be stepping in soon, to help alleviate a little bit of the peach pressure. Quality and size look to remain outstanding, but seeing good solid demand as well. More supplies are available compared to yellow peach, but definitely not flush with inventories as fruit is continuing to move at a brisk pace. Favor nectarines on an ad, compared to peach, to avoid issues.


Plum volume has been light to this point, but slowly gaining as additional fields start coming into production. Crimson Punch and Red Sangria make up most of the red plum volume, while Black Splendor still carry’s much of the black plum weight. Early mottled varieties of Pluot has begun as well to start that commodity. Expect supplies to build as we reach better volume in June.


Nearing the tail end of apricot crop volume. Roboda and Lorna varieties are finishing on very very large size trays. Patterson variety will take up the majority of the back end of the crop. Expect another 7 – 10 days before supplies start finishing up. Some proprietary varieties will stretch the length of the season, but typical apricot varieties will end soon.

Import Citrus


Clem volume has begun to arrive from South America, just in time for the CA finish. Most large retailers have already made the switch into imports. Starting FOB’s are historically low for the first fruit of the season, driven by a late CA finish and expected good crop volume from Chile and other harvest regions. Promote, promote, promote from now through October… with the only possible lighter volume being between variety gaps.


As CA is at the finish of the last of its navel orange crop, the first arrivals of imported fruit are expected this week. Demand will be high for good quality and fresh arrivals. Our first fruit is expected to clear for shipping starting 6/28 – 6/30.


South American lemons are due to start arriving on the East Coast this week, with our first West arrivals right behind. Expect to see the first import lemons landing the week of July 3rd, pending pier release. Ready to transition right out of the gate to bring additional needed volume to the West Coast.

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