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DLJ report june 5 to june 11

Table Grapes

Red Seedless

Even with a small start, the red seedless crop will continue to struggle all this week. Both Mexico and Coachella will continue to suck wind on truly getting harvest off the ground. The small amount of Flame seedless coming into the market are not nearly enough to meet demand. Due to this, expect limited supplies and extremely high FOB’s for the next 7 – 10 days. Hopefully, by mid-June, volume finally arrives and allows for 2 – 3 weeks of promotion on red seedless. For now, avoid and try to fill the gap as much as possible. The highest FOB’s will win fruit in a purely thief’s market.

Green Seedless

Green seedless volume continues to struggle, completely unexpected during this time of crop harvest. Early Sweet and Arra29 from Mexico are not picking up sugar, and due to that, growers are not able to harvest and risk failing USDA sugar tests at the border. Coachella has still not started on green seedless. Mexico will fight for additional crossing, but not enough volume has arrived to put a dent in the market. Ad promotions are out the window, as limited volume is keeping FOB’s extremely high. No solution is in sight, as the Early Sweet will continue to struggle and Sugraone’s are about 10 – 14 days away from maturity.

Black Seedless

The black seedless crop has started in a very very light way with Unknown and Summer Royal varieties. By now, the harvest would be kicking in strong. But this isn’t anywhere near an early season. The small amount of crossing are being fought over at a premium price. Supplies will remain limited for another 7 – 10 days until sugars come around.

Red Globe

Imported globes from South America are done. The wait begins for Mexico, with the first harvest not expected until the week of June 26th. Expect supplies not readily available until July.

Tree Fruit – Imports


The cherry crop finally came into fruit volume this last week. Ironically, we are only about 2 weeks away from crop finish, not allowing a very big promotional window to actually. The decent volume will hit this week on Bing variety, signifying a final push for the season from CA. Expect another 10 – 14 days of supplies, mostly peaking on 10 – 10.5 rows. The crop will come to a quick finish, allowing for a pretty clean transition from the last of CA to the start of Washington.


Harvest volume will finally start picking up as more Central CA fields come into production and temperatures start warming up. But the yellow peach pipeline is dry due to lack of harvest leading up to this point, as well as the issues the Southern peach crop faces this season. The pressures will mount all season for CA to cover the entire country and keep FOB’s at a record level. White peaches will switch from early varieties into Snow Flurry varieties. Some supplies will carry on white to help fill the mix.


Harvest has sucked wind up to this point on yellow nectarine, but the Central CA volume of Zee Fire has finally hit. With a few other varieties in the bullpen to back it up. The size will peak on 54/56’s but still 60/64 ct. Polar Kist will be the white nectarine this week, starting to peak in larger sizes. Still demand remains high and volume is fighting to keep up. Expect ad volume to start in mid to late June.


CA plums are right around the corner, but not expected to truly get off the ground until the 2nd – 3rd week of June with shippable/edible varieties. Hold tight on the start, but expect a good set this year. Demand, especially to fill shorter availability on peach and nectarine, will help to move volume through the system. In general, crop volume looks good on all plum varieties and should allow for a good year of promotion.


The apricot volume still remains a little tough, as weather slowed down harvest from the Patterson growing region. Crop volume will continue to fight to keep up with movement, but at least size will continue to peak at 70/72 ct and 60/64 ct. Expect the deal to remain tight most of the season, definitely not flush with fruit at any one point. Avoid promos until the deal stabilizes slightly.

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