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DLJ Produce

Market Update March 27 to April 2

Table Grapes

Red Seedless

Red seedless arrivals will continue in good supply for the next 7 – 10 days, until the marketing order cut-off kicks in. Supplies will still arrive post-marketing order, but in less volume due to quality fears of failing U.S. # 1 grade. Expect supplies to still maintain availability and aggressive FOB’s through the majority of April. Peru will quickly wind down, with Chile focusing on Timco, Sweet Celebration, Allison, and Crimson varieties. Now is the time to promote and carry out good marketing plans for the balance of the season. Quality will be the focus as we reach the finish line. With a late start for volume from Mexico… there may be a gap if quality finishes early on imports.

Green Seedless

The green seedless crop is ready to change drastically over the next month. Weak fruit and volume arrivals dwindling on an early finish to the Chilean crop could spell disaster. Quality will be the main focus of the finish line. Even with volume still being available on both coasts for another 2 weeks, there will be a split market between deliverable and non-deliverable fruit. The problem is industry-wide due to growing conditions in Chile. Arrivals will fall off the face of the earth once the marketing order hits in 2 weeks, with only a limited amount of storage fruit this season due to a short late crop. Expect FOB pricing to firm very quickly in mid-April. There will also likely be a sizeable gap until volume starts from Mexico, which is running behind and late.

Black Seedless

Volume on black seedless will continue into April. Midnight Beauty and Sweet Favor will allow for increasing arrival volume. Continue to promote until the volume of arrivals starts to dwindle. Keep mixing in black seedless volume for the color break. Quality has been strong on new varieties that replaced the old guard. Now is the time to focus on black seedless.

Red Globe

Peru is done for the season, with a shortage of red globe availability hitting very quickly. With poor growing conditions and the digging out of unprofitable acreage, the red globe crop from Chile is going to be extremely light. Expect a short demand-exceeds crop at the finish from Chile. FOB pricing has already been firmed on the East and will follow on the West. Expect a sizeable gap from Chile finish to Mexico starting in June.

Tree Fruit – Imports


We are at the finish line. The weak season for the late-end peach crop will bring it to a quick finish. Chile will be done and wrapped up on any volume by the end of the week. With cold weather and rain still in the California forecast, expect a very late start to CA 10 – 14 days from the CA crop. Wait patiently for promoting yellow peach until June.


Same thing on a yellow and white nectarine. The import crop is finishing quickly and only has another 7 – 10 days left. Quality will be decent to the finish line, but volume will wane. California will start late as well, with the nectarine crop expected to really kick off in late April / early May. Hold on to promotions until the cold weather patterns work themselves out and harvest dates can be better projected.


The plum volume will continue on late-season varieties. Blake Kat and Angelino on the black plums, Happy Giant and Flavor-Fall on the red. Plum arrivals will soon surpass peach and nectarine as we reach the finish. FOB’s have come down to their lowest point of the season, but will likely firm in April once new arrivals finish for the season. Continue to promote plum as the peach and nectarine crop finish. CA plums won’t be ready to kick off until mid-to-late May.

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