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DLJ Produce

DLJ PRODUCE feb 2021

Table Grapes

Red Seedless

Red grape arrival volume will slowly start to back off on total volume as we move into rained on fruit and harvest regions of Chile. Flames have finished and varieties have transitioned into Allison. Timco and Sweet Celebration from Chile, along with a few Crimson starting. Peru is mainly done on arrival volume here at season end. Supplies will stay somewhat consistent compared to other grape varietals post-rain. Expect the best promotable time periods to be now through mid-March, as the back end of the deal will be shortened. Crop volume is still expected to be off by 30 – 50% and this will keep FOBs stronger and not create the glut of fruit typically seen in mid to late March.

Green Seedless

the green seedless crop is in for a wild ride. Crop volume will be off anywhere from 50 – 75% depending upon the growers and regions in Chile. Some fields are a complete loss. Even though there are some current supplies of pre-rain harvest, expect things to flip really quickly. FOB’s will strengthen fast over the next couple weeks and most expect there to be a complete lack of any fruit in mid March – April. This will drastically impact retail, with red grapes possibly being the only variety to display. Arrival volume for the late season crop will be non-existent. Avoid any and all ad promos moving forward. Only small amounts will arrive, not enough to meet demand or fill the pipeline.

Black Seedless

light to moderate supplies of black seedless has finally arrived from Chile to start the season, but will be short-lived. The black grape crop took the rains equally as bad as the green seedless crop and will see a dramatic decrease in volume. FOB’s will start to the firm once the lack of arrivals catches up to the demand. Like greens, avoid promos starting mid-March and expect to see a gap.

Red Globe

Decent arrival volume has started on red globes from Peru. With the slightly increased volume, supplies have finally meet demand and will stabilize the market. Expect supplies from Chile to start mid-March. This will be one of the most stable items along with red seedless.

Tree Fruit


Done for the season. Only a few small container arrivals remain, with quality being the question.


Very limited on supply volume arriving on both coasts, falling short of meeting demand. It looks to stay this way for the balance of the season. Harvest has been limited and will slow to a halt as rains dealt significant damage to the peach crop. Brown rot is prevalent in the orchard and will greatly limit the amount of fields able to be exported. Avoid peach promos for the balance of the season, and availability will be vessel to vessel and expected to move quickly.


Supplies of yellow and white nectarine look to remain stable for the next 10 days, with some availability in the industry expected to sustain marketable FOBs. Now is the time to promote before volume flips. Rains have caused some staining and discoloration on fruit remaining to harvest. This is expected to bring arrival volume down in the middle of March and slow down the promotable arrivals. Expect FOB’s to slowly firm to match the decrease in volume.


Plum volume has remained limited up until this point and been very sporadic between vessels. Harvest finally picked up slightly, with a better volume of red plum arriving but moving into a black plum gap. Varieties look to switch next week and be slightly heavier to blacks moving into Black Kat and Happy Giant. But it will be short-lived. The rains have done a fair amount of damage and splitting of plums on the tree. The back part of the plum crop is expected to be significantly short pending harvest/arrival volume.

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