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DLJ Produce

DLJ Market Update 5/17 – 5/23

Table Grapes

Red Seedless

The Chilean red grape season has come to a dramatic finish, with low supplies, varying quality, and increasingly higher FOB’s. Big retailers across the country have realized that Mexico is late and this has put massive pressure on any remaining Chilean red seedless that are deliverable to be sold at a premium. Quality is the driving factor as most of the remaining crop is not of good quality. Repack will continue on both coasts for another 7 – 10 days until the crop is finished. Good fruit will demand a record high for this time of the year, trying to bridge the gap into Mexico. Coachella has started in a very small way, but Mexico is late and won’t start harvest until the end of the week. The next 2 weeks will be extremely difficult on red seedless as the region transitions.

Green Seedless

Child is done for the season, finishing on a demand-exceeds note due to the rain damage. Mexico has started in a very small way last week, mainly early Perlette variety. Expect to see the first of the Early Sweet and Prime crop to begin harvest this week in Mexico, but shippable volume is still 7 – 10 days away and it will be extremely hand to mouth. Expect FOB’s and availability to remain high and tight for most of May. Increasing harvest will start the week of May 24th, but promotable volume will not be until June. Coachella will be late to the party, looking at an end of May start on their Sugraone crop.

Black Seedless

the Chilean black seedless crop is done, based on quality and dwindling supplies. The first harvest of some early Summer Royal variety from Mexico has started. The volume will not start picking up until the week of May 24th and more growers begin their Summer Royal crops. Light supplies in late May, with promotable supplies in June – July.

Red Globe

Red globe market is on fire, due to limited arrivals based on rain crops, as well as good demand. Supplies of the remaining Chilean crop have cleaned up quickly and are virtually done this week. Pull the plug on Red Globe. Mexico will not start until late June, creating a sizeable gap on red globe..

Tree Fruit Central CA

Peaches/ Nectarines/ Apricots

CA stone fruit is still struggling to get off the ground based on last week’s harvest, but this week should be the first jumping-off point. Kettleman and Arvin will continue to harvest, with Central CA growers expecting to finally step into the batter’s box this week. The size will remain small, peaking on 64’s, across the board, but luckily some increasing harvests will start picking in the field. Expect yellow peach to gain some steam and yellow nectarine to start Zee Fire by the end of the week. Currently, apricots and white peaches are the most promotable items available. It has been limited to this point, but by late May enough supplies should be harvesting to allow for retail promotion and more focus on tree fruit.


Harvest has continued to pick up on the CA cherry crop, but one item rings true; size. Size so far on the early varieties like Tulare and Coral has peaked on 11.5 and 12 rows. Due to crop volume, size is not present on the tree. Any 10 – 11 row is cleaning up quickly at strong prices to cover retail commitments and export. Expect the sharper FOB’s to focus on moving volume on smaller sizes. The Bing crop may be the only opportunity for big fruit, with big volume and size anticipated starting in early to mid-June.

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