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DLJ Produce

DLJ Market Update 5/31 – 6/6

Table Grapes

Red Seedless

As the Chilean import crop has finished, Mexico and Coachella have started to pick in volume. Last week was light to go, but volume will increase this week as more fields come into production. FOBs will adjust out of Mexico to match increasing volume. Coachella will stay mostly firm and slower to adjust due to decreased acreage. This week will be the breakout on harvest for reds, with the promotable volume coming in the week of 6/7. Flames will continue for the time being from both regions, but will see some early Sweet Celebration fields by the week fo 6/7.

Green Seedless

Green seedless volume has begun to pick up from Mexico. Perlette variety will finish for the season on harvest, leading way to increased volume of Early Sweet, Prime and Sugraone. Sweet Globe will start harvest the following week. Coachella is slow to start, with Sugraone variety just beginning harvest this week. Quality is strong at the start. Promotable volume will continue to build, expecting a good strong promotion volume through June.

Black Seedless

Black seedless have begun harvest in both regions. Mexico has started in better volume and quality, with the first volume of the season coming with Summer Royal variety. Coachella will be light at the onset. Momentum will build any carry through most of June and into early July as varieties transition. Now is the time to get blacks started in the mix.

Red Globe

Done on Chilean imports. Mexico will not start harvest until late June. Expect a big gap in supplies.

Tree Fruit Central CA

Peaches/ Nectarines/ Apricots

Central CA volume has begun in earnest, with June, July and August shaping up for good promotions. Good supplies of both yellow and white peach have peaked this last week, allowing for promotable FOB’s of al size structures, especially small volume fills. Quality is strong on mostly Spring Flame and Snow Angel variety. Expect the glut of white peach to continue for 7 days, then possible get snug between varieties. Nectarines are tighter, simply due to less harvest volume. Large yellow and white nectarines continue to demand a premium and look to continue that way through the majority of the season. Zee Fire and Polar Ice will remain in lighter volume. Apricots will continue on steadily, hitting big varieties peaking on 72’s ct 2 layer. Plums are just starting to get underway, with Early Queen expected to be the first variety out of the gate. Plums and pluots will not begin true harvest volume until the second week of June.


What a cherry crop. Supplies remain tight all season on big fruit, with 10 ½ and larger still being extremely tight and continuing to tighten the 11 row availability. Corals have finished harvest and growers are most of the way through their Brook variety crop. Bings will bring good volume starting harvest this week, but will likely still see the heavy demand on large sizes. Expect sizing to increase slightly as Bings throw larger fruit. FOB’s will remain stable. Washington is expected to start harvest by the 2nd – 3rd week of June, so there may be some crossover.

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