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DLJ Produce

Market report

Table Grapes

Red Seedless

Weather will be the key to the red grape crop from now to the finish. There is heat and rain damage throughout the Valley… but still a lot of fruit to pick. It will be interesting to see how the balance of the season finishes out. But be guaranteed of a quick and short finish in early December. Scarlet Royal, Jack Salute and Holiday variety will continue to pick. Allison and Scarlotta will be the late-season reds that may come up shorter then expected. FOB’s will firm in October / November.

Green Seedless

Similar to the reds. Heat/rain damage will play the factor card in the late deal. Sweet Globe and Timpson are winding down as growers transition into the late-season varieties of Pristine, Autumn King, and Autumn Crisp. Deals can still be found on the inventory of older varieties that have some age and quality. But premium quality export fruit is starting to move at a higher premium. October / November will see a firming market with pending availability/quality in December.

Black Seedless

Autumn Royal is slow to go. But starting to pick. The weather will limit total crop volume, but at list supplies have started to come into the pipeline. FOB pricing will stay firm due to demand and lighter harvest volume. Keep black grapes in the mix through late November.

Red Globe

Red globe prices will remain higher then seedless, even when the volume has picked up and we hit the peak of packing in the Central Valley. Expect supplies to carry, but with the heat wave, likely an earlier finish in late November / early December and create an opening for the first Peruvian arrivals in December.

Tree Fruit – Imports


Only a couple more weeks remain on CA yellow peach as we approach the finish. The last fruit of the season will continue to pick in Arvin and Reedley. FOB pricing will remain stable on demand with the fruit being a few select hands. Quality will be affected slightly by rain and drop puckouts at the finish. Expect a mid-October finish.

Plums / Pluots

We are on the last varieties of plums and the heat damage has taken its toll. Angelinos are the only variety left in any volume, as late season red varieties peter out at the finish. Crop volume is extremely light this season and will put the crop at a late disadvantage for volume. FOB’s will remain historically high at the finish, driven by demand and crop availability at the finish. Avoid promoting, if possible, and use only as Fall fills and color break until crop end.

Import Citrus


Murcott volume is done arriving for the season on the West, with still some isolated containers arriving. Better volume going to the East on the finish. There is fruit currently available here at the finish due to an influx on the last vessel. But this will correct itself quickly over the next couple weeks. Heavy demand is expected to wiped inventories out fast, with FOB pricing firming to match increasing demand. Once buyers realize CA isn’t starting until November, the remaining inventory will be gobbled up fast. Avoid ad promos in October to avoid supply chain issues. * Last break bulk is roughly September 21st to the West, expect a quick finish / gap before CA.


Demand exceeds on the balance of the navel orange crop. The last break bulk vessel has arrived to the West and only small amounts of container fruit are left to go for the season. The bulk of the crop has arrived and already making its way through the system. Due to demand, FOB pricing is firming quickly as supplies dwindle on imports. CA is still not expected to start until 3rd of 4th week of October and no heavy volume until mid-November. There MAY be a small gap as imports finish fast and CA is waiting. * Last break bulk is roughly September 21st to the West, expect a quick finish / gap before CA.


Lemons are even more done then navels and easy peelers. The short from Chile is showing it affects as the last break bulk vessel only had limited supplies. This is based on the Chilean crop finishing very early. This will send ripples through the supply chain looking to empty out fast. Avoid promotions and expect increasing FOB’s on the last of the import fruit. There are still some CA lemons left from District 2, but expect a gap between the finish of imports and the start of CA District 1. * Last break bulk is roughly September 21st to the West, expect a quick finish / gap before CA.

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