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Table grapes are a main focus at DLJ. We pride ourselves on having a premier grape program, supplying our customers all 365 days out of the year with both conventional and organic. DLJ helped to pioneer the first imports of Chilean table grapes to the West Coast in the 1980’s, allowing for true year round supply and revolutionizing the industry. We remain steadfast on staying focused on both innovations at varietal and field level.

Our Central California office is located in the heartbeat of the table grape region, working with our growers directly on our premium domestic grapes. Our headquarters in Long Beach is ideally focused on our South American imports, with sales and storage all in house at our own facility Pacific International Cold Storage. Our operations are rounded out by offices on the East Coast and in South America to complete our full circle program.

Our Varieties

Red Seedless

  • Flame
  • Ralli                      DLJ proprietary
  • Scarlet Royal
  • Sweet Celebration
  • Krissy
  • Magenta
  • Allison
  • Jack Salute
  • Timco
  • Vintage
  • Sweet Scarlet seedless
  • Crimson seedless

Green Seedless

  • Sugraone
  • Prime
  • Early Sweet
  • Ivory
  • Sweet Globe / Sheegene 21
  • Thompson
  • Pristine
  • Princess
  • Autumn King
  • Luisco

Black Seedless

  • Summer Royal
  • Sweet Sapphire              elongated
  • Unknown Black
  • Autumn Royal

Red Globe Seeded

Care and Handling Grapes

Optimumum storage temperate for grapes is 32 – 34 degrees with 90 – 95% humidity. Typical shelf life is 60 to 90 days, depending on variety and region.

Sensitive to freeze injury caused by sustained temperatures below 31 degrees. Odor producer due to sulfur dioxide fumigation that can be absorbed by other fruits or vegetables.

DLJ Growing Regions

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