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Small, delicious, and chock-full of vitamins, apricots have garnered some well-deserved attention as the next superfood. Available year-round in both fresh and canned forms, this fruit is in high demand among the health-conscious and aspiring healthy eaters.

With over 90% of apricots produced in the United States, this sweet and tasty morsel should find its way to your local grocer and into your mouth. The health and nutritional benefits you receive will leave your body feeling youthful and invigorated.

High in Antioxidants (Vitamin A and Vitamin C)

Just 70 grams, or two apricots, provides you with 8% of your daily Vitamin A needs. Vitamin A is integral for improving immune function, vision, and organ function. Apricots are also high in Vitamin C, also giving you 8% of your daily value.

Your body uses this nutrient to repair tissue, absorb iron, and form collagen. Together, these two antioxidants also contain flavonoids, which have been proven to protect against diabetes and heart disease.

Loaded with Fiber

With 3.3 grams of fiber per 1-cup serving (four-and-a-half fruits), apricots come loaded with a significant amount of soluble and insoluble fiber.

According to a Mayo Clinic study, men should consume 38 grams of fiber a day, while women should consume 25 grams. Thanks to the healthy dose of fiber from apricots, you’re well on your way to maintaining healthy cholesterol and glucose levels.

Packed with Potassium

Potassium is a mineral vital to a healthy body, regulating heartbeat, maintaining fluid balance, and aiding in muscle function. While the daily value of potassium is 4,700 milligrams (mg), a 1-cup serving of apricots will get you a tenth of the way there (473 mg).

Boost Your Bone Health

Brimming with iron, copper, phosphorus, manganese, and of course, calcium, apricots promote healthy bone growth, formation, and repair. Regular consumption has also been shown to prevent the weakening of bones and staving off geriatric bone conditions such as osteoporosis.

Keep Your Liver Healthy

Studies have determined that daily consumption of apricots have been linked to a healthier liver. Not only do these orange balls of deliciousness reduce the risk of fatty liver disease, but they also promote liver regeneration.

Ease Inflammation and Sickness

Because of the high levels of vitamins and minerals found in apricots, the fruits are often used to reduce fever and inflammation. Not only does it provide a dose of natural nutrients, but it also detoxifies organs within a short time after consumption.

Hydrate Your Body

According to a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 43% of American adults don’t consume enough water each day. While you might think about getting a bigger water bottle, remember that fruits, including apricots, have naturally high water content. A 1-cup serving of apricots provides a ⅔-cup serving of water, helping to regulate body temperature and blood pressure.

The health and nutritional benefits of apricots are profound. The best part is that there’s no wrong way to eat one. Bite into one right out of your hand, dice some into yogurt, or try it dried. With so many exciting ways to savor this fruit, you’ll never run out of ways to enjoy one of nature’s delicacies.

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