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Nectarines are one of our prized specialties, featuring both conventional and organic crops. Nectarines are interestingly a smooth-skinned relative to the peach, sharing the same genetic family.  DLJ’s goal is to constantly supply the best nectarines from around the world, always sourcing the best flavor year-round. Our harvest begins in Central California and carries through our premier growing regions in Chile.

Both yellow (higher acid – fuller flavor) and white (lower acid – sweeter flavor) varieties are featured from all our seasonal growing regions. DLJ always puts a focus on maturity and having the best tasting nectarines when in season.

Our Varieties

  • Yellow Nectarines

      • Zee Fire
      • Honey May
      • Red Roy
      • Rose Bright
      • Kay Sweet
      • Honey Blaze
      • Spring Bright
      • Honey Fire
      • Ruby Diamond
      • Grand Bright
      • Honey Royal
      • August Red
      • August Fire
      • September Bright
  • White Nectarines

      • May Pearl

      • Polar Ice
      • Arctic Star
      • Honey Pearl
      • Spring Pearl
      • June Pearl
      • Kay Pearl
      • Candy Pearl
      • Crimson Pearl
      • Grand Pearl
      • Fire Pearl
      • Arctic Queen
      • Red Pearl
      • Arctic Pride
      • Giant Pearl
      • August Pearl
      • Arctic Snow
      • Arctic Mist

Care and Handling

Optimum storage temperate for nectarines is 32 – 33 degrees with 90 – 95% humidity. Nectarines will store for 2 – 3 weeks after harvest. 

Nectarines are susceptible to dehydration and should be displayed away from draft. Ethylene producer and sensitive to freeze injury.

  • To ripen, bring fruit to room temperature between 65 – 70 degrees in a loosely sealed brown paper bag.
  • Store in refrigerator after the fruit has reached its desired maturity.

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