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Plums and Pluots

Plums are a favorite during the summer months.  Sweet, ripe and juicy.  But at DLJ we provide an endless supply of plums year-round by relying our local grower relationships, and exclusive import capabilities from around the world.

For over 25 years, we’ve specialized in supplying the finest and freshest produce in the industry.  Our independent and exclusive import and service capabilities ensure success when you want plums all year long.

With an unwavering commitment to providing excellent service, combined with quality packing, dedicated cold storage facilities, and superior distribution capability, we bring you a wide variety of plums to choose from year round.

Year-Round Plums and Pluots Variety

Black Plums

Red Plums

Green Plums

Yellow Plums

Pre-conditioned all colors

Tree Ripened Plums

Pluots/I.S. Plums

Plums Care and Handling

Optimum storage temperature of plums is 32 to 34 degrees with 90 to 95 % Humidity.  Plums and Pluots will store for two to three weeks after harvest.

Plums and pluots with a high soluble content will last longer and show less shriveling.

Both will produce ethylene and are sensitive to freeze injury.

To ripen plums, bring fruit to room temperature between 65-70 degrees or accelerate the process by placing the in a paper bag.

Health Benefits of Plums

Fruits in general are a great source of vitamins.  Plums are high in Vitamin C and A, they are also a good source of Iron.  Antioxidants found in plums and pluots help fight the free radicals found in the body and provide good overall digestive function.

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