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Produce Market Report by DLJ Produce March 2020

Table Grapes Market Report for March 2 to March 8, 2020

Red Seedless

Red grape volume from Chile has hit its strides, with good arrivals expected over the next month. Quality will peak, with a combination of multiple premium varieties arriving. The volume will allow for FOB’s to adjust and promote going into mid-March. Expect supplies to carry through most of April, with promotions expected to be available for the next 5 – 6 weeks. Promote, with good confidence in quality and volume.

Green Seedless

The green seedless market has hit its peak, with the bulk of the volume from Chile now behind us on the harvest. Peru will wind down quickly as arrivals finish for the season. Even with the readily available fruit on both the East and West Coast, expect the green grape market to flip very quickly in mid-March. The combination of the drought affecting crop volume, as well as an early start, will shorten the amount of volume and shipping length for storage green grapes in April. It will also put pressure on importers and growers to begin maximizing FOB costs starting in mid-March for fear of the shortage. Promote now, but expect pricing to firm quickly in the next 10 – 14 days.

Black Seedless Grapes

Black seedless volume has finally begun to arrive from Chile, with moderate supplies of both coasts. Quality is good and will allow FOB pricing to adjust. Good supplies will carry for the next month and allow for light promo volume. Continue to push black, in lieu of the green grape market firming as a good value along with red.
Red Globe – Amazingly, red globe supplies are short as most fruit from Peru was either dug out in favor of seedless of being exported to other markets. Some light supplies continue to arrive on both coasts, but FOB pricing has stayed much stronger than the historical average. Expect supplies all the way into May once Chile begins, but volume will be lighter and keep the market strong. Avoid any ad volume.

Tree Fruit Market Report


We are on the tail end of the peach crop. Harvest will start slowing and finishing in Chile, with arrivals starting to slow. Expect supplies to carry for the next 3 – 4 weeks and then finish by the end of March on the last volume arrivals. Only a small amount of late blocks will stretch into early April.


We have passed the peak of volume on harvest in Chile, but good volume will continue arrive on incoming vessels. Quality remains strong, peaking on 48’s and larger. Enough supplies will carry through mid-March to allow supplies for most of the month. White nectarine will remain very limited, mainly due to drought conditions and demand oversees.


Black plums are coming out of a big gap and will finally start to arrive this week. Volume will continue in a light way on both colors, with black now being the predominant arrival. Reds will start to slow down as we move into late season harvest. Black plums will be the majority of the late season crop, but size will suffer this year on the Angelino crop due to the drought making fruit peak on 50’s and 60’s.

Citrus Market Report


The volume will continue on the California clementine crop, with good supplies expected to carry into April / May. Quality has been average, with some isolated spots of issues. But still strong enough to carry for a normal season. Continue to promote. Recent cold temperatures look to have slightly glanced the crop and should not have drastic effects on quality or volume.

Navel Orange

The navel crop is rolling on steadily, with good supplies of 72’s and larger. The slower movement on the spot market, as well as obvious issues exporting to China has created a good availability of supplies. Now is the time to promote, especially on larger sized fruit. The recent cold snap will only do a small amount of damage and not greatly affect the quality of the crop. Push now through early June.

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