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DLJ Produce

Razzle Dazzle Grapes Field Update – Mexico – June10th 2020

With the way 2020 has started and everything going on in the world, we wanted to start this
market update by wishing you and your loved one’s safety and security. These are trying times
for everyone and we are grateful to have partners like you that allow us to keep the food supply

With much anticipation, patience, and planning to get the best fruit available, we have officially
started to pack Razzle red, Dazzle green, and Razzle Dazzle Bi-Color in small amounts this week
with the full program starting to load June 15th!! We are starting to see more consistent packs
with the premium varieties that will ensure the top quality for the program.

Maneuvering around the “perfect storm” (a combination of the new tomato agreement
regulations, COVID19, and the typical June import volume of Mexican grapes) has been a struggle
for the industry to get volumes across the border, but we have our QC team on the ground to fill
the supply chain gaps. Our teams have been working around the clock checking fields, hand
selecting product, and securing trucks to make sure the program runs as smooth as possible
without any unforeseen gaps.

Averages this last week have been around 17+ in sugars, with 15/16 average in size.
We appreciate your patience with the start of the program, we know this is the right move to
ensure you and your customers are receiving the best eating fruit on the shelves. Your
partnership with the program will continue to provide the best eating grapes on the market for
your customers.

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