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DLJ Produce

green and red grapes supplier

As we progress through the start of the CaliforniaRazzle Dazzle program the wheels are rolling and there is no stopping us now. What a great breath of fresh produce air now that we have the high-quality California fruit associated with the brand and program.

The crews have been picking nonstop and we are consistently seeing the highest quality best-tasting fruit on the market. As we all know COVID is still a factor in dealing with growing regions and maneuvering our team
members while keeping their safety in mind. We are working diligently to insure we are packing top quality product that everyone expects.

The San Juaquin valley is rolling along and for the Razzle’s we are packing beautiful flames and magentas looking to transition to, magenta’s Krissy’s, and as we continue through the season.

Size is averaging 14/16 and the sugars are off the charts, the RazzleReds are truly eating like candy right now. We are packing Ivory’s in the Dazzle Greens and we have seen consistent high quality with great sugars.

Have you heard about the Razzle Dazzle Bi-Color grapes? This is the perfect item to create that impulse purchase for the customer that just can’t decide what to choose. Instead of taking away from the Razzle or Dazzle movement, we have found that the Razzle Dazzle Bi-Color is a nice addition to build impulse purchases to complete a solid grape category.

Want to know more about our Razzle Dazzle grapes or any other products we have available? View our produce commodity calendar or get in touch with us to discuss it. We enjoy talking to our customers.