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DLJ Produce

produce market report by dlj produce for february 2020

DLJ Produce a leading supplier of tree fruits, grapes, citrus fruits, and vegetables is proud to update you on the current produce market report. Here’s the latest news for Feb 3, 2020 to Feb 9, 2020. View our produce commodity calendar for more information.

Table Grapes

Red Seedless Grapes

The red seedless market continues to remain relatively low in volume for late January / early February due to the digging out of older varieties and planting newer varieties that arrive at the U.S. in late February and March. Vessels arriving on both coasts this week have brought some relief, with there being some fruit available in the market. But generally, the industry is short on supply compared to current demand. This has helped to keep FOB pricing much higher up to this point of the game compared to previous seasons. The market will mainly consist of Flames from Chile, with some Sweet Celebration and Timco specialty varieties from Peru. Chile will begin harvesting premium varieties to start arriving in mid-February and stretch into April, but volume is slow for another 2 – 3 weeks still. There will be fruit available in the industry, but lower volume will help keep FOB’s strong for the time being.

Green Seedless Grapes

Green grape volume has been light, but available so far this season. Volume has remained at a peak for the early regions of Chile. Peru will continue to send premium varieties like Sweet Globe and premium Sugraone. Chile will be seeing a proliferation of Thompson and Sugraone, with some specialty varieties getting close to harvest. The green volume looks to remain steady for the next 2 – 3 weeks, before we see decreased volume out of central Chile due to drought conditions. FOB prices have been relatively stable, but slightly lower than the red seedless due to better arrival volume. Expect the market to firm in March and April due to projected lighter harvest on the back end.

Black Seedless Grapes Market Report

The black seedless crop has been non-existent, with very limited or no arrivals coming into either Coast. That will slowly change, with vessels now arriving with some light supplies of both Midnight Beauty and Unknown variety black seedless over the next couple weeks. This will help get some fruit in the pipeline as demand remains high. FOB’s will slowly adjust by mid-February, but look to remain strong in the meantime until an equilibrium point is reached between demand and supply.

Red Globe

Amazingly, red globe supplies are short as most products from Peru were either dugout in favor of seedless of being exported to other markets. Some light supplies continue to arrive on both coasts, but FOB pricing has stayed much stronger than the historical average. Expect supplies all the way into May once Chile begins, but volume will be lighter and keep the market strong.

Tree Fruit Market Update


The cherry crop for the season is on its Swan Song. Vessel arrivals are virtually done for the year, with only a small amount remaining on inventory. A small number of air shots from Argentina will continue to arrive, demanding a good premium due to the lack of supplies and the crop finish.
Peaches – Yellow peach volume up to this point has been good on both coasts, but we will start seeing a variety gap in arrivals over the next 7 – 10 days as varieties transition and imported volume drops off. Expect most arrivals to consist of larger tray packs, with volume slowing down and possibly strengthening the FOB pricing until volume increases again. Continue to use for day to day business, just be weary of large ad commitments until volume turns around on the Bell Curve.


Nectarine supplies have been non-existent to this point, with a demand exceed market and only very limited supplies. That will change, as the next couple of vessels swap on volume and yellow nectarine and white nectarine finally arrive for the season. And yellow peach will go the other directions. The empty pipeline will take a fair amount of nectarine to meet demand, but expect some light to moderate supplies over the next 7 – 10 days to start increasing movement. FOB pricing will slowly start to adjust as we proceed into a better supply.


The first red plum arrivals have made their way through the system and we will hit a small variety gap over the next few weeks. Supplies of red will become limited, but black plum arrivals will finally start hitting for the season. Expect black plum supplies to pick up for the drop in reds and allow for some slight movement of black plums on ad promos. This will stretch for two weeks and then flip back again.

Citrus Fruit Market Report


The volume will continue on the California clementine crop, with good supplies expected to carry into April / May. Quality has been average, with some isolated spots of issues. But still strong enough to carry for a normal season. Continue to promote.

Navel Orange

Navel oranges will continue on steadily, with good weather conditions allowing for ideal fruit. Only a few isolated spots of skin puff or clear rot are present and are being cleaned up in the pack. Fruit will continue to peak on larger sizes, with 113s and 88’s becoming limited. Now is the time to promote 72’s and larger, with fruit expected to carry into June for late-season shippers.

As your nationwide supplier of fresh produce 365 days a year, our goal is to always keep you updated on the latest happenings. Contact us with any questions or comments you may have.