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holiday produce guide

If you’re hosting a family gathering or bringing a dish for a Christmas party, nothing beats fresh, delicious produce. Unfortunately, cold weather can put a damper on your recipes and plans for the holiday season. But don’t fret. With this handy guide, you can find out what’s in the season to incorporate it into a dish that’s bound to be a hit at your next get-together.

Brussel Sprouts

Kids may hate them, but when prepared with a degree of culinary excellence, Brussel sprouts aren’t only tasty — they’re healthy to boot. The peak season for Brussel sprouts is usually September to February, allowing you to find them in abundance at your grocer. Halve these mini-cabbages, toss them with some olive oil and parmesan, throw them into the oven, and voila. You’ll have delectable Brussel sprouts that also provide a great source of antioxidants.


Is Christmas dinner really Christmas dinner without a heavy helping of potatoes? Probably not. Versatile and inexpensive, potatoes can be prepared in a variety of ways. Boil them and add butter, cook them au gratin style, or make a casserole. The world is your proverbial oyster. Plus, they’re packed with folic acid, magnesium, protein, and tons of other vitamins and nutrients. Pick several different types and colors to add a bit of flare to your holiday side dish.


Onions might get a bad rap because they aren’t exactly something you eat right out of the fridge or by themselves. Nevertheless, these vegetables turn everything they touch into a mouthwatering spectacle. Ideal for flavoring soups or adding to meat or pasta, onions act as a flavor enhancer, while also delivering a bit of texture depending on how you cook them. Plus, they have a nutritional profile that’s full of fiber and vitamin C. You won’t see anyone crying about that.

Did you know? If you place an onion in the fridge prior to cutting, it will eliminate the tears!

Beets and Carrots

Lurking below the soil are two of the most appetizing veggies that are still in season during the holidays. Once you pull them up, you’re greeted with vivid colors that blend nicely with festive holiday decor. Roast them together and finish them off with some herbs for a feast fit for a vegetarian king or queen. Or if you’re feeling a bit more carnivorous, they pair magnificently with a roast. Regardless of how you eat them, you’ll feel good knowing you received high doses of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and other nutrients your body craves.


Parsnips may be one of the most underused and under-celebrated produce that’s always in the produce aisle during winter. These carrot doppelgangers are only differentiated by their white — not orange — skin, but other than that, they share many of the same nutritional and flavors as their vibrant siblings. The taste of parsnips is vastly heightened with a quick roast in the oven. Add them to salads, stews, and casseroles for that extra flavor that makes people excitedly ask, “What’s in this?” Fiber, potassium, and vitamin C come in bulk with each bite.

Whether you’re searching for a new way to enhance your favorite dishes, trying a few days of veganism, or just switching it up, this fresh produce can put a little pep in your step and your mouth this holiday season.

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